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  1. What a blessing of God. Jotta A "un adorador vivo y puro" was in Curacao for a praise & prayer concert last 12th of May. He improvised a song for us: "Korsou bon nochi, mi stima bo". It was not a "show" . The floor was for an teenager full of the Spirit of God,sharing God's love with Curacao crying & longing during worships. Testifying about God in his life and encouraging the youth to keep going for their dreams in faith. Que nada pode me deter, Pois tua graca e o teu amor, Vao me guiar. So powerfull & wise. 2 Tim 2:1. May God keep Jotta A, His Holy Spirit keep him in wisdom & health for him to keep walking with the King of Kings Jesus. God bless you and your family. Amen Aleluya. Danki Jotta A. Ps 63:4-5

  2. Fotos de la llegada de Jotta A a Curacao en el aeropuerto, su aterisaje, el concierto y recibiendo un beso de un dolphin en el Seaquarium. Lindos recuerdos.

  3. Nao e um acaso. Papiamentu is the mother language spoken on Curacao.It's a Spanish-Portuguese-based creole language. Originated from the Santiago islands of Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and Casamance. Based on research also influenced by Sephardic Jews who flew from Brazil. Partialy influenced in its development by the "colonial" languages Spanish, Portuguese, English, French and Dutch. (From the slaves traffick (yes from West Africa ( who were already speaking their "private" language ) and colonial period)
    Almost every song of Jotta A is in Portuguese. Still I can understand them. Maybe because of the history of my native language. But for me primeraly it's because I have faith in God. I have prayed for this concert and I faithfully believe "Toda vez que uma cancao e transformado em oracao vale la pena adorar o Deus. Enche-me Deus Santu." I shouted above the crowd for the song Sonda-me. Jotta A muito brigadao. Grato sou pelo teu Amor Deus. (Sou aprendiz)

  4. Amooo meu Jottinha ele e so meu hehe sqñ


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